New technology trends and challenges for pumped-storage hydropower plants

EVN’s Vice President Pham Hong Phuong (in the middle, front row) spoke at the workshop

At the workshop, EVN’s Vice President Pham Hong Phuong stated: In order to meet requirements of ensuring energy security in parallel with sustainable economic development, the electricity industry faces many challenges to supply electricity sufficiently with satisfactory quality at proper costs. At the United Nations Climate Change Summit 2021 (COP-26), the Government of Vietnam made a strong commitment to being carbon neutral by 2050, in line with the Green Agreement of the European Union towards a prosperous society with a modern economy, economic, efficient and competitive exploitation and use of resources, and at the same time realizing the goal of gradually phasing out coal-fired thermal power in the following years.

Along with the active on-going electrification process of the energy system and the development of distributed energy sources, the study, investment and construction of pumped-storage hydropower projects contribute to Vietnam’s realization of the above goals. Therefore, EVN in cooperation with VOITH Hydro organized this workshop so that EVN and its member units can learn from international experiences, which then will be considered and applied in pumped-storage hydropower projects to be deployed in Vietnam in the near future.

VOITH Hydro's representative presenting advantages of VOITH Hydro's equipment

At the workshop, VOITH Hydro introduced an overview of variable-speed turbine options; variable-speed pump turbine technology; turbine models.

Voith Hydro Group was established in 1867, being one of the leading suppliers of electromechanical equipment technology and technical services in the field of hydropower in the world, including pumped-storage hydropower technology.

(From EVN's News)

  • 08/03/2023 12:45

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