Ban Ve Hydropower Company releases 50,000 fingerlings to restore the aquatic resources in the reservoir

According to Mr. Ta Huu Hung, Director of Ban Ve Hydropower Company, the company has released over 50,000 juvenile fish in this release with high economic value that was suitable for the local environment, such as grass carp, carp, drifting fish, tilapia, bream fish etc. with a total value of nearly 100 million VND into the Ban Ve Reservoir.

This is an annual activity of the company that holds great political, social, and humanitarian significance in restoring and regenerating the depleting aquatic resources, cleaning up the water source and environment, and contributing to the ecological balance. At the same time, it provides a portion of high-nutrition, clean, and safe food sources, contributing to improving the livelihoods of the local community.

The Ban Ve Reservoir has a water surface area of over 5,000 hectares, with a capacity of 1.83 billion cubic meters of water, which is extremely favorable for the local residents to promote aquaculture and bring stable income, thus improving their livelihoods.

Through this program, the Ban Ve Hydropower Company has also strengthened communication and encouraged people to strictly comply with regulations on aquatic resource exploitation, avoiding the use of electric shocks, explosives, chemicals to exploit aquatic resources, which can disrupt the ecological balance and biodiversity of the Ban Ve Reservoir in particular and the Ca River in general.

Immediately following the program to release fingerling fish for the restoration of aquatic resources in the reservoir, to celebrate 64 years since President Ho Chi Minh initiated the "Tree-Planting Festival" (1959-2023) and the "One Billion Trees Planting Program for a Greener Vietnam" launched by the Prime Minister, Ban Ve Hydropower Company organized the planting of 500 green trees in the plant area and management operation area. This event is part of the company's annual activities to raise awareness among employees about the role, effects, and significance of green trees, protecting the ecological environment, contributing to reducing natural disasters, and coping with climate change.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Huu Hien - Vice Chairman of the Tuong Duong District People's Committee, highly appreciated the effectiveness of the fish stocking and tree planting activities implemented by the Ban Ve Hydropower Company over the years. He emphasized that in the coming years, the company's scale and methods of operation should be more innovative and expanded, bringing even greater significance. This is a worthy recognition of the company's efforts to demonstrate its responsibility as a business to the local community, especially to the people in the area where the company operates./.


  • 11/03/2023 10:43